Single Incision / Stitchless / Scarless Surgery

Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) is the newest laparoscopic technique that has now been utilized in many centers. Rather than the traditional surgery that involves four to five small incisions, a single-incision surgery involves just a single incision at the entry point (Umbilicus). The SILS technique is regarded as a non-invasive surgery that takes about the same amount of time as traditional laparoscopic surgeries. The distinctive advantages of SILS are:

  • Decreased post-operative pain or almost no pain.
  • No scar (stitchless) surgery.
  • Shorter Hospital stay.

All surgical instruments are placed through this small incision in the umbilicus. After this surgery, the umbilical scar is very difficult to visualize once healing is complete. It is technically challenging for the surgeon to perform such surgery, but the results are exciting in terms of less postoperative pain and better cosmesis. This procedure allows early post-operative recovery with less pain and almost invisible scar than conventional laparoscopy, thus making it a treatment of choice for patients.

Single Incision Lap Surgery


Surgeries commonly done by this technique are: