Liver and Biliary Tract Surgery Specialist

There are only a few centers in Punjab/Haryana/HP where surgery for Liver tumors, Hilar cholangiocarcinoma (Klatskin’s tumor), Pancreatic cancer, periampullary tumor, Gall Bladder Cancer, etc. are being successfully undertaken. My unit has the most modern facilities and equipment that make such major surgeries safe.

Hepatic resection

Hepatic/liver resections are done commonly for liver tumours. It requires good preoperative planning, meticulous surgery and intensive postoperative care for good results following surgery. These cases are usually high risk cases so require care in specialized units. The following procedures are done regularly in my department.

  • Right and left hepatectomy.
  • Parenchyma –conserving liver resection.
  • Surgery for Klatskin tumour. (Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma).
  • Radical cholecystectomy for carcinoma gall bladder
  • Surgery for choledochal cyst (often done laparoscopically).
  • Surgery for benign and malignant cysts and tumors of liver.
  • Surgery for biliary tract diseases
  • CBD Exploration

Liver surgery

Liver surgery is done at very few centres in India. Careful patient selection with extensive work up and planning before surgery is the key to good outcome after surgery. Increased blood loss is associated with poor outcome. To decrease blood loss and improve liver surgery outcome beside preoperative preparation intraoperative precision is key to good outcome. Dr. Bedi has been regularly performing liver surgeries with good results. Dr. Bedi has also performed many cases that have been refused surgery at other centres. Dr. Bedi has been trained in liver transplant also that provide advantage in making difficult or dangerous liver surgery easy thus providing good outcome. Dr. Bedi has to his credit of performing first laparoscopic liver resection in the region.

Large Liver Tumor
Liver bed after resection of liver tumor
Resected Liver Tumor
Cut Section Of Resected Liver Tumor
Klatskin Tumor
Intrahepatic Duct With Tumor